Brady House

The residents of what is today known as Brady house first lived together in a rental home on Christie Lake Road in the summer of 1989. In October of 1991 those original four residents and their caregivers moved to the current location.

Brady HouseBrady HouseBrady House is conveniently located in the beautiful town of Perth. It has accommodations for five people who share a spacious open-concept kitchen and living area. Attached to the house is a beautiful screened sun porch for their relaxation.


In addition to being comfortable and cozy, the home is totally wheelchair accessible. Both of the bathrooms are equipped with overhead track lifting, as are those sleeping areas that require it.

The home is attended 24/7 by a caring staff of trained professionals who assist the residents with activities of daily living in a safe and comfortable environment.


In addition to strolling in to nearby locations in our neigbourhood, Brady House has a wheelchair accessible vehicle to facilitate routine travel to shopping and entertainment etc. as well as special field trips, in home activities, community integration and day programs.

Work Placements

We provide work opportunities for students in the fields of health and social services as well as job placements for participants of other social service programs.