Respite Care

Three of our support homes have a bed within. Families using respite service are able to continue to act as caregivers because of the support they receive from the service.

respite careService

  • To provide short term respite care to individuals whose family caregivers need relief and to self support individuals who require temporary care.
  • To offer up to 21 days of care to individuals, with extensions on a case by case basis.
  • To make individuals feel a part of the TCO family and include them in all activities in the home with opportunities for community outings.
  • To accommodate as much as possible, the individual’s personal routines and programs.
  • To provide assistance to individuals and families to access community activities.



Deakin House
3 Argyle Drive
Perth, ON
K7H 3G8
Davidson House
257 Wayside Drive
Perth, ON
K7H 3C8


If and when the individual needs permanent care, the organization has a better understanding of their needs and the individual and family are comfortable with the transition.

For those who otherwise live independently, the service provides that short term break that allows them to recover, renew and go back to living independently.