Supported Independent Living

The goal of this program is to support individuals to be as independent as possible. Ongoing training is provided to our clients to help them achieve this outcome.

Supported Independent LivingThe Services we provide range from:

  • Banking and budgeting
  • Home skill development
  • Applying for ODSP
  • Medication control and review
  • Job coaching
  • Dealing with landlords
  • Safety issues
  • Meal planning
  • Assistance in seeing doctors and consultants
  • Working with other community based agencies to help provide the best care for the individuals we service
  • Emergency respite care
  • Provide transportation
  • Provide option to join group outings and activities

We are reliable, fun, energetic, trustworthy and/or just a good listener. For more information regarding our Support Services please contact Lesslie at 613-267-0453.