Parents’ Group – Letter of support and advocacy

August 14, 2007

Dear Parents,

Tayside Community Residential and Support Options was happy to receive your letter of June 25, 2007 at our June Board meeting. Tayside is keenly aware of the lack of funding to provide for the needed care and support of the many adults in our community with developmental disabilities. We strongly agree that there must be more residential options for families who have been caring for their disabled children for many years and now must plan for the future.

Tayside would very much like to assist your group in advocating jointly at all levels of government for increased recognition of this pressing need. Tayside will also be able to provide some administrative support in enabling these activities to happen.

I should note as well though, it is important for all families in Lanark County requiring funding for developmental services to ensure they are aware of the single point of access procedure that is in place .  In this regard, it is important that your children have been placed on what is called the Pressures and Priorities list that is administered by the Lanark County Developmental Service Agencies (Tayside, being one of those agencies). If you are unfamiliar with this process, Lanark County staff or I would be happy to assist you.

Again, thank you very much for your correspondence and we look forward to working with your group in advocating for the development of enhanced service for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Yours Truly


Dave Hagerman
Executive Director
Tayside Community Residential and Support Services
613-264-0953 ext. 102

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